Summer Rainbow

I am my god

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This fucking shit is really starting to get to me, I hate how im the one who has to make all the sacrifices in this relationship, im the one that moves away from my family, im the one that sells my car to ensure he can have a job im the one that has to quit smoking to make sure our baby is safe an no cps case is opened im the one who stops drinking im the one who quit smoking tobacco to saveus money. Im the one growingaat a tremendous rate an still suffering with no clothes that comfortably fit me, yet he can afford to buy weed an beer an fuck off everything we have each an every single fucking day yet imstuck wwondering when will i be taken care of when will my needs be met, its not enough to simply just pay the bills an im sick and fucking tierd of always being the one to fucking suffer an you think he’d listen but fuck no he doesn’t give a single fuck about how im feeling he just goes on about his fucked up fucking life while im here laying in this bed entire body in pain mind fucked up hating this fucked life.